Thursday, April 28, 2005

INFINITE CRISIS Sightings of the Week

Aside from the much anticipated DAY OF VENGEANCE #1, which I'll get to soon enough, the most obvious and dare I say important tie in to INFINITE CRISIS was in BATMAN/SUPERMAN #19. Billed in the previews as merely a fill in, all Supergirl issue designed to act as a prologue for that heroine's ongoing series coming out this summer, B/S #19 turned out to be much more. The Calculator -- the "Oracle" of Lex luthor's new villain Society -- is seen nearly as much as Batman, Superman, or Supergirl, most often feeding information regarding his observations of Supergirl to an unknown on the other end of the line. Not surprisingly, that unknown turns out to be Lex Luthor (though, I must admit that for a second there I thought it was going to turn out to be Batman himself, finally infiltrating the Society -- ah, but it is too early). Although we only see Lex for one page in this issue, it is a biggie, and not just because it is a beautiful full page spread by Chruchill. Luthor is in his classic purple and green power-armor and he's got on his gauntlet what looks like a whole rainbow of kryptonite: red, greed, blue/white, and black! Time to hit the Unofficial Guide to the DC Universe and see what those colors mean for poor Supes. One last interesting thing about this issue and how it fits in to INFINITE CRISIS: Batman didn't spend a single thought bubble bemoaning his fate at the hands of the JLA in IDENTITY CRISIS. It was actually a welcome characterization for the Dark Knight, who for the past few months has been portrayed as unravelling and a danger to himself and others.

Over in FLASH #221, we see the return of the Top -- who reappeared as a direct response to IDENTITY CRISIS -- and in ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #639, Eclipso continues his rampage and [SPOILER!!!!)

gets his mits on the Man of Steel himself, with Captain Marvel poised to take on the Kryptonian powered Eclipso. This arc hasn't much seemed like a INFINITE CRISIS tie in other than the presence of characters also involved -- but since it is universe wide, I guess having Chunk in it would mean it is an INFINITE CRISIS tie-in. Nonetheless, it is worth a look for Superman, Captain Marvel, or Eclipso fans, and, of course, completists (who hardly need me to recommend them picking upa book).

Over in WIZARD MAGAZINE #164 we get the first few pages of JLA #115 -- the first issue in the Geoff Johns written arc dealing with Batman's response to having his memory wiped by the Justice League in IDENTITY CRISIS. We don't get a whole lot more than we already know -- Hawkman's a jerk and Green Arrow's a different kind of jerk -- other than the responses of both Green lantern Hal Jordan (an apologist for the League in this case) and Martian Manhunter, who has to have the coolest line in the preview: when he lets it be known that Batman is aware of what happened and the other League members ask him what he is going to do, he responds simple "Fix it." That alone is enough to make me impatient for this JLA arc. Seeing Batman and Martian Manhunter, two characters that couldn't be both more similar and more different, go head to head (who knows, but one can hope) is going to be great -- especially since way back in JLA #4, Batman took out a whole league of MM's pale cousins witha single matchbook and his giant brain.

Finally in the preview department we have a VILLAINS UNITED first look with actual dialogue. The information is limited, but we do get a whole list of villains that join, some more willingly than others, with Lex Luthor's "Society of Supervillains", as well as a good look at the core membership of that Society. It is too bad so many covers for this series have been released or leaked, because it might have been more fun trying to figure out who was going to sign up and who wasn't. As it is, go to any comic message board and you'll find posts of the various covers showing which villains are on the Society's hit list. If you don't know what I am talking about, and would rather be surprised, I won't ruin it for you. just stay away from those message boards and fan sites.

Next up: the long awaited Spoiler review of THE OMAC PROJECT #1 and the First Look review of DAY OF VENGEANCE #1.


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almost any JLA arc has to be better than recent ones.

i actually was intrigued after the Wizard preview....

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