Thursday, April 14, 2005

Preview Review: DAY OF VENGEANCE

Jean Loring – you know, the ex-wife of the Ray Palmer, aka the Atom, who managed to kill not only Sue Dibny but Jack Drake, Robin’s father, in the now classic IDENTITY CRISIS – is back and it isn’t pretty.

Unlike the preview for THE OMAC PROJECT, which in a few pages netted us a whole bunch of information, this preview for DAY OF VENGEANCE, the pre-Infinite Crisis mini-series involving the mystical power-houses of the DCU, is short on details. It does, however, give us one big shocker: Jean Loring is the new Eclipso.

Unfortunately, if you hadn’t read ID CRISIS and didn’t know what an “Eclipso” was, this preview might leave you a little confused to say the least. Jean is never named, just some woman in Arkham Asylum – revolving-door home of Batman’s rogues gallery -- babbling to a little black gem on the ground. And while even a casual reader would know something big and bad is happening by the time Jean is transformed into and Evil Hawt Chick by the gem, it might not be enough – without small details like who she is and what she’s become – to get the uninitiated to pick up the book when it comes out at the end of April.
Willingham paints Jean as believably cracked, without descending into Joker territory, and the art is evocative if nothing else. I give this preview as 5 out of 10, mostly due to the lack of information. If you’re familiar with ID CRISIS and the DCU in general, you’ll be excited by the preview. If not, then you might want to hit the Unofficial Guide link to the side there and read up on Jean Loring and Eclipso first.


Anonymous Zeiram said...

Did the preview on the DC Comics website work for you for Day of Vengeance? I could view the other three without a problem.

I'm trying to play catch-up now with the miniseries, hopefully I can track them down.

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