Tuesday, May 24, 2005


One of the complaints often levelled at the mega-crossover is the tendency to slap a logo or blurb on the cover of a regular title, call it a "tie-in" and thereby increase sales without any real advancement in the overall plot of the event itself. I had hopes -- given the four mini-series, related story arcs in ongoing titles, and specials like the RETURN OF DONNA TROY -- that INFINITE CRISIS wouldn't suffer from this problem, especially since much of what constituted a "tie in" was just a change in the tone of the DCU and some continuity between titles regarding the nature of some villains and organizations. Unfortunately, I was wrong.

SUPERMAN #217, "THE OMAC PROJECT Tie-In" logo and all, is a perfect example of the kind of crossover/tie-in I hope we don't see throughout the run up to INFINITE CRISIS. While it is a decent Superman comic -- I haven't really been following the title, but I gather that Supes has switched up the Antarctic Frtress of Solitude for one in the South American rain forest -- it is a dismal tie-in. We get a random attack by the OMAC unit -- whatever it is -- and an equally random end to the fight. The "tie in" serves only to show that someone is watching the Man of Steel and to suggest that the OMAC unit can go toe to toe with Supes, for a moment or two at least. There is no sign of Checkmate or Maxwell Lord, and most of the story revolves around Superman's attempt to fit in in the Amazon Basin.

Here's hoping that future "tie-in" issues of the various ongoing titles are less overt "Buy me!" issues.


Blogger Lex said...

"Here's hoping that future 'tie-in' issues of the various ongoing titles are less overt 'Buy me!' issues."

Fat chance. Just look at the solicitation for September's Superman issue. It says the book ties into all four of the IC mini-series. When I read that, I just laughed at how awful it sounded.

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