Saturday, June 04, 2005

News from WIZARD WORLD Philly: One Year Later

Newsarama is reporting here that when INFINITE CRISIS is all said and done, all DCU title will jump ahead one eyar in the timeline -- that is, the March 2006 issues will take place 1 year after the end of INFINITE CRISIS.

In comparing the 'One Year Later' to the jump-starts following CRISIS and ZERO HOUR, Dan Didio said: “In those two events, every series started from a common point and moved forward and outward. With ‘One Year Later...’ each and every character has a starting point and moves of at a pace of its own. You will see a wide mix of new series, rebooted series, continuing series and unfortunately, cancelled series. All the changes will make sense for the character and for their own story.”

Other news from Didio at WW Philly indicates that THE FLASH may not make it through this CRISIS, that NIGHTWING "plays a very important role" in all this, and that it is quite possible we will be seeing characters and plot line from the various minies well after INFINITE CRISIS is over.


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